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Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking is one of England’s largest single estate vineyards. The estate, independently owned and run, comprises of 380 acres with 265 acres currently under vine, it has a production capacity of 1 million bottles. The first vines were planted on the estate in 1986.

For the last 20 years, Christopher White, CEO, has owned and operated the estate.  Under his leadership, Denbies has become one of the largest and most successful wineries in England.

We are honoured over the years to have welcomed several members of the Royal family to the estate, completing the historical connections which date back to Prince Albert in 1851. The Surrey Hills is a beautiful area to live in and while you are visiting do take advantage of the surrounding areas.  Thank you for visiting Denbies Wine Estate. If you have any questions during your visit, our staff will be very happy to assist you in any matter.

We very much hope that you will enjoy your visit.

Thank you for visiting Denbies.  We appreciate your time and feedback to help us improve our services. We are pleased to share our Environmental Initiatives.

Please take a few moments to learn how we are contributing to responsible and ethical wine tourism:

Denbies Sustainability Report    |    Certified Net Zero

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denbies-logoOur Vision:

  • To grow fresh and exciting opportunities
  • To strive for excellence
  • To strengthen our relationships

Our Logo:

  • The stars represent the fresh and exciting opportunities we can add to our already diverse products and services.
  • The hand reaching towards the stars represents our desire to strive for 5 star excellence.
  • The hand itself represents the unique and personal relationships we value with everyone involved in Denbies.


The Estate now comprises 627 acres, 200 of which are woodlands, and includes 10 estate houses.

The vineyards of Denbies Estate are situated on the North Downs, in the town of Dorking, with its famous chalky soil, in a protected valley of south facing slopes (AONB). A total 265 acres have been planted and has met the promise of producing some of the finest sparkling and table wines in Europe through repeated certification in the annual International Wine awards.

A Short History of Denbies

Thank you to Dorking Museum for sharing their images of the estate with us.

Denbies Wine Estate
Denbies Wine Estate