Spring Vineyard report

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Spring Vineyard report – March

The vines are currently coming to the end of their dormant period so we are pleased to report that there are no adverse affects from the latest spell of cold weather. The real concerns of the vineyard team will start in the coming months when, as with every year, the possible threat of a late frost will linger until well into June.

As with every winter/spring transition the threat of frost is very real and can have a devastating impact on the Autumn harvest. Therefore Denbies have the most up to date anti-frost measures which are deployed with a military like precision should the need occur. The tow and blow machine, resembles a large desk fan and oscillates the air therefore preventing ground frost. Likewise, the frost buster is driven through the vines, again for air movement. A very important factor is the creation of temperature fluctuations: at each passing of the Frostbuster, the temperature rises shortly and drops again. These fluctuations create a big part of the protection that is obtained with the Frostbuster.

On a positive note, the replanting programme is taking shape with the Hillside planting of Chardonnay almost complete. Further Pinot noir will be planted in The Dell to meet the increasing demand for English sparkling.

Dr. Ludmil Anguelov, Denbies Vineyard Manager will commence trialling an experimental planting of six varietals, new to the Denbies estate . An acre in The Dell will be planted with the following vines;

Syrah – red

Johanniter- white (early ripening, frost resistant)

Sauvignon gris – rose (early ripening, frost resistant)

Traminer – white (mid early to late ripening)

Cabernet Mitos – dark red (early ripening, frost resistant)

Muscaris – white (early ripening, frost resistant)

Ludmil has also taken on an special project to enable visitors to fully appreciate his passion for the vineyard. He has created a terrace in the middle of the vineyard which is nearing completion. During the summer months this will be a destination for vineyard dining, evening recitals and wine tasting experiences to complement the outstanding views of the surrounding area.

(pictured – Lumil’s terrace)